Whenever Nintendo busts out the Mario or Luigi mascot costumes for an ad campaign, things tend to either be terribly bad or amazingly good. Luckily for Luigi, the giant sleeping mascot bit works well in the brand new commercial above.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the upcoming entry in this much-loved RPG franchise for the Nintendo 3DS, features a unique take on in-game environments. When Luigi is asleep, Mario has to hop into his dreams and work with a bunch of mini, mental Luigi’s in order to…of course…rescue the princess.

Our own Ron Duwell is in the midst of battling his way through TechnoBuffalo’s review copy of the game, but I’m certain he’s having a great time with it. This series has always had a penchant for good fun.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will hit North American retail shops on August 11th. Our review will be live before then, so stay tuned.

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