When my wife and I found out we were expecting a kid, we picked a color, grabbed a few pieces of cool art and bought some furniture. All those things in one room became a nursery, and we thought we did a pretty solid job.

Enter Wes of GeekSmithing.com and his incredible Mario Kart 8 themed nursery. He shared his work on Reddit and also on his site. Color the world impressed as it took off on the link sharing community and reminded parents like my wife and I that we simply aren’t cool enough.

Wes started work on the nursery in October of 2013. While the painting was quick enough to be finished around the time of the birth of his new son, Wes still had to finish creating the Mario model literally hanging from the ceiling. That bit of the job took practically another year to finish.

Wes worked late at night in his basement shop with no heat during a very cold winter to get it done. Turns out, he did a pretty great job.

You can read more about his project by hitting the source link below.