Here we go. When 200cc was announced for Mario Kart 8, my brain started flipping through all the tracks that would dynamically change with the new class. One of the big ones? The boost pad riddled Mute City from the F-Zero franchise.

Nintendo of UK has uploaded full Mute City gameplay in 720p at 60fps for our consideration, and this is it.

Yep, that’s fast. What’s interesting to me is that the track seems oddly slow when the driver misses a boost pad or doesn’t have any mushrooms. As soon as he boosts, though? Forget it. This course is quick.

I can’t wait to take on Mute City, Big Blue, Mario Kart Stadium, Donut Plains and Mario Circuit in 200cc. It’s going to be nuts.

Which tracks are you looking forward to seeing once this new top speed drops? 200cc will be available as a free patch for Mario Kart 8 on April 23. It will come alongside the second wave of DLC, though that costs money.