Mario Kart 8 will update to version 4.0 the next time you fire up your Wii U and have it connected to the Internet. That update alone requires between 200 and 300MB of free space. It includes the new 200cc class. You can see the highlights of my first race at the new speed above.

The second course didn’t go as well, I promise.

The 200cc update is free, but also releasing today is the second wave of paid DLC. That includes Isabelle, Village, Dry Bowser, four new karts and eight new courses spread over two cups. As soon as I finish this post, I’m going to sink my teeth into the new stuff.

This DLC update marks the final announced wave of new content for Mario Kart 8, a game that will officially be a year old this May.

I have to say, Nintendo has done a good job supporting this one. The DLC has almost made this a completely new game, and the 200cc update that no one saw coming will be welcome for series vets like myself.

This has me back into playing Mario Kart 8, and as someone who doesn’t return to games often, that’s pretty cool.

Anyone else snagging the new DLC or 200cc update today?

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