Nintendo has just released a new holiday season bundle for the Wii U just in time for its first major launch, Super Mario Maker. The new Mario Kart 8 bundle will set buyers back $299.99, and it comes with the console’s biggest hit pre-installed.

The bundle also comes with two packed-in eShop download cards, and the codes will grant players free access to the two popular DLC packs.

No need to wait for a release date or more information on the bundle, because Nintendo says it is in retail stores now. If you are looking to buy a Wii U, this is the time to do so. Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker, which launches on Friday, are a good enough place to get your collection started, and there are plenty of other highlights just around the corner.

Not to mention all the great Wii U games that have been released already. Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, and even further back, all the way to Super Mario Bros. and the original Legend of Zelda. That’s 30 years of video games on a single console!

Other holiday highlights on the Wii U include Yoshi’s Woolly World of Oct. 16 and Xenoblade Chronicles X Dec. 4. Pretty solid holiday for Nintendo, so this bundle might be something to look into if you are curious.