One YouTuber by the name of vini64 grabbed all of the fresh tunes from the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack and threw them into a full playlist for the Internet's enjoyment. You'll see that directly above, in all its glory.

Yeah, sure, that YouTube playlist is great for having the music on in the background of your computer while you work (which is what I'm doing right this very second, in fact), you can actually listen to the same tunes with a little extra. Go to Nintendo's official Mario Kart 8 site and you'll find the same songs playing behind gameplay of each track in the game.

That's music and fresh Mario Kart 8 gameplay and seeing all of the courses in motion.

Of all the tracks in the playlist, one of my favorites is surely "Moo Moo Meadows." Nerd chills, man, I'm not ashamed.

From the new pile, the tune from "Dolphin Shoals" is also exceptionally good. That sax, folks. That sax.

Mario Kart 8 is set to release for the Wii U on May 30. We'll have more on the game, including exclusive gameplay and a review, as it comes. Stay with us.

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