Mario Kart 8 was a fantastic title on the Wii U. It was one of the best selling games for the platform, and it was an absolutely awesome kart racing experience.

It lacked a major feature that many sorely missed: a proper Battle Mode.

The game had a Battle Mode of sorts. It was the simple three balloon battle system, though it was set entirely on the game’s racing courses. That’s right, no special battle courses or unique modes, just a single mode set on the ordinary tracks.

Enter Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. The game is due this April 28, and it features 8 Battle Mode courses spread over five modes. It all works locally, online and over LAN for tournaments. We played each mode over the weekend at PAX East.

You know the standard modes like Balloon Battle (like stock in Smash, Shine Thief (like keep away), Coin Runners (a coin collecting game) and Bob-omb Blast. There’s a new mode, though, that was pretty neat.

It’s called Renegade Roundup, and it places teams of players on the side of the law and outlaws. The outlaws run away from the law, armed with the standard slew of items found in question mark boxes. The law have piranha plants that chomp down on the outlaws, sending them to jail. The outlaw team can hit a switch and release their jailed friends; but, if they fail to do that before everyone is caught, they lose. If time expires before all the outlaws are caught, the law loses.

It’s fun, and it absolutely services as a welcome addition to a strong roster of party-type modes for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Battle Mode’s back, and it’s better than ever. For Mario Kart 8 fans, that’s enormous.