Nintendo announced the brand-new speed and difficulty class for Mario Kart 8 during a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, and I do believe I’m officially looking forward more to the new class than the actual downloadable content due out on the same day.

200cc is coming, and a video from the UK branch of Nintendo shows the new class next to the previously best 150cc on one of the tougher courses in the game, Piranha Plant Pipeway.

You’ll notice one thing immediately: 200cc is much, much faster than 150cc. What you might not notice, though, is that there are a few moments when the player riding this race has to actually use the brake. Yep, braking in a Mario Kart game, my brain doesn’t know how to handle that.

200cc looks absolutely bonkers every time I see it, and I have the feeling this new class will challenge series veterans to relearn the mechanics behind racing in Mario Kart 8. It drops as a free update alongside the next batch of paid DLC on April 23.