In speaking with Japanese publication Nikkei, Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, delivered information concerning the current state of the Nintendo 3DS and some of its software sales statistics.

The system is doing well, according to Iwata, and is on pace to cross the three million units sold mark around two weeks ahead of the Nintendo DS’ original trajectory. Nintendo expects the 3DS to reach four million units sold by the time its first year on the market has expired.

In regards to software, Iwata revealed that Mario Kart 7 sold more than 420,000 units during the first week of its availability in the Japanese market. That number is roughly double what Mario Kart DS did in its first week. While he did not reveal specific numbers, Iwata also explained that both Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land are off to even stronger sales starts outside of Japan.

Iwata told Nikkei that his company feels the reason why people were buying Nintendo’s 3DS hardware but not the system’s software was that they were waiting for banner games to release. While not expressly written in the interview, we expect this is where the reporter fielding Iwata’s answers reflexively responded, “Duh.” Gamers and critics alike have been complaining that the 3DS lacked quality software since the moment the device went on sale.

Now that Nintendo has begun its parade of strong titles, with still more to come during the onset of 2012, the future looks a lot brighter for the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, the moment Nintendo announced the 3DS was on pace to outsell the DS during its first year was roughly the moment when most doom-sayers sat up and took notice. The machine seems to be performing well for Nintendo; but, will that be enough to quiet the haters?

[via Andriasang, Nikkei]

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