Mario Kart 64

I saw the unmistakable cover art in my news feed this morning and thought, "This is finally happening!" But alas, it's only happening for our European friends. The Nintendo 64 classic Mario Kart 64 has been confirmed for a Wii U Virtual Console release, but only in Europe.

The news was announced by Nintendo of Europe's Twitter account, meaning that Nintendo of America has nothing to say on the matter yet. The game will cost £8.99.

American gamers can still play the game on their Wii U consoles, but they'll have to access the cumbersome Wii menu to get to it.

No matter how many Mario Kart games we see or how many improvements that the formula undergoes, Mario Kart 64 will always be the one I go back to. Some around the gaming press are remembering it for a few of the tracks it conceived for the modern entries to leech on, but I'll always remember it as a full game. It might have a reputation of being the most repetitive, and it might be the least technical game in the series, but I don't care. You never forget your first.

Plus, it's the only video game my wife will play with me.