Callaway Golf Tournaments in Mario Golf

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but have any of Nintendo's Mario sports titles ever featured actual real world brand sponsorships before? It's happening with the upcoming Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS, and it sounds pretty awesome.

If you've ever hit the links with any measure of regularity, then you're likely familiar with Callaway Golf. They make all sorts of equipment for the game, but they were made really famous a few years back with their Big Bertha line of drivers. At least, that's when they were most popular amongst the golfers I played with.

Yes, I play golf. I'm basically an old man.

Callaway will play a role in Mario Golf: World Tour, so we've learned thanks to a note from Nintendo. Starting on May 22, players will be able to participate in Callaway Golf sponsored online tournaments. Just for playing and uploading your score, you'll receive Callaway items in the game that will boost stats and such.

Doing well in the tournaments will earn you in-game coins for more shop transactions. It's nothing too wild, but it's interesting to see a real world golf brand get in on the whackiness that goes down during the Mushroom Kingdom's take on the sport.

There will be tournaments that don't happen below the Callaway purview, of course, and these too will be international competitions.

Mario Golf: World Tour is set to drop on May 2n, and I'll make sure to square off in a few of these competitions once they begin.


Nintendo News: International Tournaments Put the "World" in Mario Golf: World Tour

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– When Mario Golf: World Tour launches for the Nintendo 3DS system on May 2, it will feature robust regional and worldwide online tournaments hosted by Nintendo, as well as custom tournaments that can be created by players. All players who own the game and have a wireless broadband Internet connection can enter the Nintendo-hosted tournaments by simply checking their SpotPass notifications for upcoming and available tournaments, playing in the event and uploading their scores before the event deadline. Players can even monitor their progress by checking the leaderboards to see where they stand. Tournaments can be accessed in Mario Golf mode or using one of the entry machines in the new Castle Club. There will be a variety of different tournaments, ranging from larger competitions to smaller-scale events like longest-drive challenges, coin-gathering challenges or even speed golf.

Nintendo is also collaborating with Callaway Golf (a global golf gear manufacturer) to host its own series of special in-game tournaments that will begin on May 22. The tournaments will be activated using the SpotPass feature, and all players who participate will receive in-game digital Callaway Golf items such as golf clubs and golf balls, which will enhance the players' stats when used by their Mii characters. Winners of all in-game tournaments – including the Callaway tournaments – are determined by the highest submitted score, and winners will receive in-game coins that can be used to acquire more gear in Toad's Shop in Castle Club. Starting at launch, a schedule for select tournaments will be available at

In addition to tournaments, the Mario Golf: World Tour game rounds out its suite of online multiplayer features by letting players create public or private communities. Want to play a multiplayer match with only Birdo as a playable character? Want to limit the number of Ice Flower item shots players can use? Want to slow down the wind on golf courses like DK Jungle, Bowser's Castle and Sky Island? By creating communities and private tournaments, players can customize every aspect of the multiplayer experience to form a vast amount of fun new challenges.

Players eager to tee off in Mario Golf: World Tour will get a chance to try the game before launch when a downloadable demo is released in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS on April 24.

Mario Golf: World Tour will launch in stores and in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS on May 2 at a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information about the game, visit


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