I'm pumped for Mario Golf: World Tour, although probably not as pumped as Senior Gaming Editor Joey Davidson. I doubt any of you are half as stoked as him, and he is going to be able to get his fix very soon.

Nintendo of Europe has announced that Mario Golf: World Tour is getting a free demo available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop this week. The final game launches on May 2nd, so be sure to get your swings in before the full game is released.

Fans who purchase the game before May 29th will also get a free copy of Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Us old timers know it as being one of the better golf games ever made thanks to Mario's presence and genius RPG elements. Newcomers will be able to compare the old standard with what hopefully become the new one without even having to change consoles.

So far, the deal and demo has only been announced for the UK. We'll be hoping and praying with you that it makes it stateside. Mario Golf is an underappreciated gem everyone should play, and Mario Golf: World Tour just looks straight up fun.