The latest Japanese trailer for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is all about the younger and greener of the two famous brothers. Using the touch screen on the 3DS, Mario's golden ball sidekick can manipulate Luigi's dream by basically causing him severe facial injury.

Of course, most of this is Luigi's problem considering it was him who kidnapped the princess this time, only it's not entirely his fault. Princess Peach lies stuck in his subconscious, kidnapped by his dreams, and Mario must traverse his brother's mental state to find her.

Sounds like a much deeper story than we might have guessed. I wonder if we can see how his brain reacts to Mario's presence and if any long suppressed feelings emerge as physical enemies. Seeing how Luigi is a man of 10,000 personalities these days, you never know what's going to pop up in his brain next.

I'm expecting a full psychological profile by the adventure's end. Oh, I'm so excited for this game.

Nintendo is doing a great job sticking to this "Year of Luigi" motif, and it's giving the character a much needed overhaul in establishing him as the most fun in the Mario universe. I just hope he's more fun to use in the new Super Smash Bros. than he has been in the past.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is a day-one purchase when it comes out for the Nintendo 3DS on August 11th.

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