The Reddit universe is vast place thick with users and deep with subreddits. Trying to map all that out might sound like a fool's errand, but one redditor actually succeeded in doing just that.

Sharkbait784 plotted all the subreddits on the site, point by point, and connected the dots based on a set of criteria — in this case, whenever a redditor exceeds eight posted links from one subreddit onto another. The end result looks like a work of art. Or a galaxy. Or a neural network.

The primary subreddits in the center of the graph are those that are self-referential, i.e. most likely to post other subreddit links. TrueRedditDrama, a holding tank of major conflicts recorded across subreddits, and DepthHub, a grouping of thought-provoking conversations/threads, are two such major nodes, as is RisingThreads, which stores trending Reddit links, and more. Moving further away from the center, one can spot niche subreddits, like Minecraft and My Little Pony, and even further out lie clusters about things like hockey and RPG. It illustrates that, even if there are clusters of fanatics, they aren't really connected to the broader Reddit community.

Unfortunately Sharkbait784 may have goofed in making this. Subreddits that linked to more than 75 threads were intentionally left out. Perhaps they would have established too many potentially weak connections, but they were some of the most popular subreddits on the site, and they weren't even represented in this.

Even so, it's impressive. Not only is the map visually arresting, but it still captures the essence of the site. Reddit's not just a mix of random links posted by random, isolated users, but a product of a consumed and consuming, self-sustaining community.