Ever wanted to take a trip to an island paradise? Sure you have, but likely never did due to travel costs, am I right? But what if you could get your trip paid for, including airline tickets, 4-star beach hotel, meals and excurions for two whole weeks? You'd miss your family, you say? Well, you can bring them along! And you'd get $15,000 in pocket money to keep everyone happy.

No, this isn't the part where you wake up — it's the part where you enter TomTom's Map Paradise project, a sort of working vacation package promotion. The company needs to map five island destinations, and instead of hiring people for it or handling it internally, it decided to turn this into a promo opportunity. All sun-seekers need to do is drive around a bit (in a private four-by-four), and in exchange, they get a free trip for their whole family.

The summer giveaway covers five different tropical destinations. Two have been secured already (Fiji and St. Lucia), leaving Cape Verde, the Seychelles or Mauritius, the next one up in this promotion. If you're interested in mapping/playing on this island (near Madagascar) and don't live in New York or Florida (sorry), you have until July 12th to get your submission in. Oh, and you'll obviously need your passport and visa paperwork in order. Participants don't have to come from one of the other 48 U.S. states either — select regions across the globe are also eligible.

To apply, fill out a form and craft a 200 word essay describing why your family is a perfect fit for this opportunity. Those who make the cut will get the tropical vacation of their dreams. Those who don't, however, don't necessarily go home empty handed. The company will pick nine runners up in each island contest, and they'll receive TomTom Via 130s.

For more information, check out the video and/or click the source link for the deets.

[via TomTom]