The Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is officially home to the largest rooftop solar panel installation in the United States, MGM Resorts, owner of the hotel, announced this week.

The installation features more than 26,000 "photovoltaic panels" that can generate a total of 5.6MW ac of electricity. Despite its massive size, the solar panels still aren't enough to power the entire hotel and its surrounding complexes. MGM Hotels said it's enough to drop the power demand by 25 percent, though, which is an impressive feat; in total, the installation "displaces approximately 8,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually," the hotel-owner said, noting that that's equal to removing about 1,700 gas-powered cars from the road. It's also enough power to keep the lights on in 1,340 U.S. homes, based on average usage. Someone's gotta keep the lights on above the slot machines and poker tables, right?

MGM said it chose Ten K Solar's REFLECT system and deployed a total of 4,644 modules with Cool Mirror film from 3M. The panels are owned by NRG, Mandalay Bay Resort just pays for the electricity it uses.