I can’t believe this boop still sort of works. Overwatch has been out for nearly a year now, and players are still finding a way to boop the other team off the map at the onset of Volskaya Industries.

Here’s another video of that in action. Instead of Pharah, D.Va or Orisa with the work, it’s Lúcio. This boop gets all six of the opposing team, and it is super satisfying.

Why bother at the start of the match?

Fair question, right? Why go for a team kill when all they’ll do is respawn together and group up once more? Well, aside from the obvious fact that this should chew around 30 seconds off the clock in a game where time is precious, Lúcio builds his ultimate immediately.

If this Lúcio is solid and working with their team, they might be able to use that ult at a moment where they can either get another team kill or kill enough to stagger the enemy. Once they’re staggered, the game is just about won.

Plays like these? Satisfying, but also immensely useful.