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Lawsuits are like second nature to Apple; the company sues and gets sued constantly. Ever heard of Apple vs. Samsung? A new lawsuit filed by a Tennessee man, however, is completely uncharted territory for the iPhone maker. According to CNET, the company is being sued for enabling Chris Sevier to access adult content. Not only that, but Sevier, who is a lawyer himself, argues that Apple "supports pornography," which has lead to his addiction to adult content and subsequent failed marriage.

By that logic, I can sue the liquor store down the street for not selling me a winning lottery ticket.

Sevier must not realize he's in control of the sites he visits; obviously he's not taking responsibility for whatever he's doing online. But, nope, Sevier claims it's all Apple's fault, and that the company should install a content filter in its browsers to block all content that's aimed at adult audiences. The only way to access the adult content, Sevier suggests, would be to contact Apple and sign a form of acknowledgement in order to receive a special code.

Because Apple failed to warn Sevier of the dangers of pornography, he claims he's now addicted, which lead to his failed marriage and hospitalization due to emotional distress.

"Apple should see this lawsuit as a warning sign of the class action lawsuits to follow in the event Apple elects to resist the Plaintiff's reasonable request," Sevier wrote in his complaint. By reasonable, I think Sevier actually means insane. But it's not a joke; Sevier really believes Apple is responsible for whatever he does in his personal life.

Apple has yet to respond, though we imagine the company is a little preoccupied with other pressing matters.