Maybe the Game of War ad with Kate Upton was a little too good? One man decided to plunk down $1,000,000 into the mobile title.

Where’d he come up with the cash? Well, that’s the truly crazy part. He stole it.

Kevin Lee Co, 45, from Sacramento, CA, plead guilty to stealing $4.8 million from Holt, a company in California that sells construction vehicles. He stole the cash through credit cards over a period starting in May 2008 and running until March 2015. Co bought cars, plastic surgery, country club memberships and tickets to pro sporting events.

He also dropped cash on Game of War. Co admitted to spending $1,000,000 of the money he stole on the app. Surely, developer Machine Zone is pleased with the cash. Holt, Co’s company, isn’t. It’s like a toddler went nuts with their iPhone.

I wonder if he was any good at the game?

I’ve never played Game of War. It’s not really my preferred flavor of gaming. I find myself wondering a couple things about this. Is $1 million enough to make you the best player in Game of War? Does the game really work that way?

Also, how was this not noticed by anyone? His employer, the App Store, the developer, the credit card company? Somewhere along the lines, you’d have to assume someone noticed $4.8 million missing, and $1 million of it going to a mobile game.