shane-butcherIt’s not unusual for folks to become disenchanted with, well, life. You can have all the possessions in the world, but they might not necessarily equal happiness. Ever seen Into the Wild? Shane Butcher’s story is a bit like that.

After amassing a swath of worldly possessions — TVs, cars, houses, etc. —from owning his own successful gaming business, Butcher wants to sell it all. Asking price? $3.5 million. Simply, Butcher’s reasoning was, “There was no reason not to.”

Butcher says there’s nothing wrong with his business — quite the contrary — and that he’s simply looking to move onto the next chapter in his life. “This isn’t a fire sale, by any means,” Butcher said. Throwing in his possessions is merely “extra.”

You won’t even have to worry about trying to figure out how to run Butcher’s company. “So that the new buyer can learn the business I will stay on as a personal mentor for 6 months (additional time will be available for a cost),” he promised in his eBay ad. “I will assist the buyer with ownership transfer paperwork. You will be taught the ins and outs of the business. You will be granted access to all distributors and trade secrets. I will also pay in full 1 entire year’s worth of lease on all stores along with an entire year’s worth of HOA fees on our properties so that the new owner can get situated with their new position in life without having to worry about large costs and can stack up huge profits and get used to the business before taking the reigns.” Sounds like pretty solid terms to us.

Butcher isn’t going to live off the land, or explore uncharted territory, but it’s a way to start fresh; to step back and tackle a new venture. I think we’d all like that opportunity every now and then, even if our stuff isn’t worth $3.5 million.

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