Man of Steel 2 hasn’t even been announced, but the film has apparently been delayed indefinitely. According to Den of Geek, Warner Bros. has decided to hold on the film as it looks to build out a new universe around Ben Affleck’s Batman, who is reportedly going to feature in a new solo trilogy of his own. The news comes on the heels of a report that claimed George Miller, who directed Mad Max: Fury Road, was in discussions to direct.

That’s perhaps the most disappointing thing about this whole thing. Miller, who directed what is arguably the best movie of 2015 (so far), won’t get to lend his talent and imagination to the next Superman flick. The upcoming Batman v Superman will feature the man of steel, but it’s not being considered a true successor to 2013’s Man of Steel, which was directed by Zack Snyder.

Warner Bros. has already fleshed out its upcoming roadmap of DC movies, so we already had low expectations for a Man of Steel sequel. But Den of Geek’s report pretty much leaves no room for a new solo outing, meaning when we see Henry Cavill’s Superman onscreen, it’ll be with the caveat that other DC superheroes will be the main focal point.

The good news is that Miller apparently has his pick of what DC film he wants to do. “What Miller directs will depend on what story most interests him, his take on it, and everyone’s availability,” Den of Geek said.

There’s still a small possibility another Man of Steel movie could be inserted into the lineup, just like new Batman films can. But it’s looking more unlikely than ever as the studio looks to work toward making Affleck’s Batman the main prize as the DC cinematic universe kicks off with Dawn of Justice early next year.