iPhone 5s - iOS 7 - Multiple Screenshots

One Poway, CA man is so distraught over iOS 7 that he's filed a lawsuit against Apple in small claims court. Mark Menacher, the suit's plaintiff, likens Apple's forced upgrade process to "corporate thuggery," and lambasts Tim Cook directly for cultivating "a culture of contempt for customer satisfaction." Menacher, who is currently considering  elevating the issue to class action status, is seeking $50 in damages. He'd also like it if Apple would please downgrade his collection of devices.

The thing about Menacher's complaint is that automatic downloading was present in the jump from iOS 5 to iOS 6, so the process hasn't changed. What has changed, however, is the look and functionality of iOS, which is now under the guidance of legendary Apple designer Jony Ive. When iOS 7 first launched, there were many polarizing opinions surrounding the look and feel of the mobile software. None so vehemently opposed as Menacher, it seems.

According to Menacher, by forcing customers to automatically download new software, Tim Cook is demonstrating he is merely in pursuit of "corporate profits." Steve Jobs, however, was only concerned with "happy customers," Menacher argued. "It is a policy that will eventually fail." Despite Menacher's prediction, over 70 percent of all iOS devices are running the latest software. There's no data available on what percentage of those folks are willing to take Apple to court.

Apple has yet to respond to Menacher's complaint.