I was unaware that this wonderful little dose of retro goodness existed, but I am a much happier person now that I know it is in the world. At least, until I actually play the game and throw my Nintendo 3DS out my fifth story window!

Maldita Castle is a throwback to one of the most infamous and difficult games ever created, Capcom's arcade classic Ghouls 'n Ghosts. It has been available on the PC for quite some time, and developer Abylight submitted the code to Nintendo for approval, stating that it acknowledged the demand on the Nintendo 3DS.

Now, it's just a waiting game. I could buy it outright on Steam, but I don't think I want to double dip here. The Nintendo 3DS version looks great, and it captures the classic all the way down to the janky arcade soundboard used to compose the soundtrack.

Brilliant stuff. We'll have to hope that Nintendo approves and we get to play it in the near future.