The progress of technology has seen the smartphone market grow at an unruly rate, from 2K screens to insane processors. But one of the best benefits to such quick smartphone evolution is how good mobile cameras are getting. From the iPhone to the Lumia 1020, there are a lot of options out there, and many of them are good enough to replace a dedicated point and shoot. The best part? Anyone with a phone can share video instantly.

Jon often gets asked what camera equipment one needs in order to begin a YouTube channel, and his answer is typically the same: just use your phone. If you're looking to get started, there's no better option than what's in your pocket. Just hit record and be yourself.

It's true that we use expensive equipment here in the office, but it didn't always start off that way. It's more about how you engage and interact with your audience. Once you start building a following, then you can start stressing about quality and more powerful equipment. That's not to say something like the G Flex 2 isn't powerful, because the 13-megapixel camera plenty is capable of outputting some excellent results.

A lot of factors go into making videos for YouTube, not just the camera you're using; you have to think about lighting, audio, location and a whole lot more. It's not easy, but you'll get there. For more tips and tricks on starting your career as a filmmaker and YouTube personality, check out the video above.

You have a phone in your pocket, right? Start filming!