Fans have done a fabulous job keeping the spirit of Mega Man alive long after it went totally quiet on the series' and iconic character's future. We've gone almost a decade with no original games starring the Blue Bomber, and yet, it seems every month or so, some fan has developed a brilliant 8-bit fan-game that fills in the gaps and keeps the rabid fanbase pleased for the time being.

And no, Mighty No. 9 does not count in that regard!

This latest game, however, has really outdone the entire movement. "Mega Maker" takes Mega Man fan games to the next level by allowing players to build their own stages, very similar to how Super Mario Maker on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS worked. Don't believe me? Watch the launch trailer below!

That's how it is. Capcom generally lets a few high-quality fan games slip through the cracks because of how hungry the fanbase is for new games and how few games it cranks out nowadays. It hasn't been nearly as strict as Nintendo has been on the issue, and it probably weighs the bad PR as being more hazardous to its continued existence than the fan games themselves.

This is one game that might take it a step too far since it's a product that Capcom should probably choose to make one day. We'll see. Mega Maker launches on July 15.