A new text generator has taken Twitter by storm, and we figure you might want to know how to get in on the ridiculousness before the trend runs its course. The gallery above features some of the stupid stuff I made this morning instead of working.

You can find the generator here, and prepare to make some vaporwave jokes while you’re at it.

Vaporwave is a type of music that really started to take off online only a few years back. There are those who are ready to label it dead, which I totally get. The culture, though, seems to be thriving as these videos scoop up views by the millions.

What is vaporwave? Oh, boy. Well, it’s essentially music that takes 80s synth classics and slows them down over unique beats and samples. It’s bizarre, and its creators work mostly under anonymity with multiple artist names to their undetectable credit.

All of this is a nice distraction from thinking about the planet’s inevitable sun death.