The first time you want to uninstall a program, you'll wonder how.  There's no control panel to add or removemacsoftware1 programs, and you know that tossing that shortcut into the recycle bin didn't uninstall it (right..?).  App Cleaner is a dead-simple way to uninstall unwanted apps and widgets.  To uninstall, you drag and drop an application onto the window and it will find all related files that were packaged with the application.  Click the delete button and any traces of that app are gone.  You can find a list of applications, widgets, and plug-ins within App Cleaner to make finding the applications faster.  App Cleaner is a free download and can be found here.


Eventually, you're going to run into a file format not supported by Quicktime.  The most likely macsoftware2occurrence will be either wmv or avi.  When this happens, don't panic!  VLC is a media player that supports nearly all of the most popular audio and video formats.  It will save you the trouble of finding a compatible media player every time you come across an unknown format.  VLC is also a free download, available here.


Flip4Mac WMV

Although you may have transitioned away from Windows, many popular videos are only available in wmv format.  If you'd like to be able to use Quicktime instead of a stand-alone application to play wmv videos, Flip4Mac offers a plug-in that imports the video into a readable Quicktime format. Flip4Mac, it's free!


OS X comes with a built-in utility for decompressing zip files.  Some files you may encounter will be in rar format.  UnRarX provides a simple UI that expands any rar files with a double click.  UnRarX is available here.


One huge annoyance you'll certainly come across is automatic screen dimming.  You'll happily notice your computer going to sleep midway through a Netflix or Hulu stream. macsoftware5 You could prevent your computer from sleeping through system preferences, but sometimes you actually want it to follow your settings. Caffeine places an icon in the menu bar and with a click, prevents your screen from dimming, sleeping, or starting the screensaver.  Caffeine is free.


Although your Mac came with iChat, you're old MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger won't work.macsoftware6 Adium offers an all-in-one solution for nearly any IM client you use along with integration to MobileMe, Facebook, MySpace, and LiveJournal.   If you've got multiple IM accounts, try out Adium for free.


There is no native Mac application to back up, copy, or rip your DVDs.  Handbrake allows you to take your DVD media and convert it to a digital copy for use on your computer or media player.  Handbrake is a free program available here.

Already a Mac user?  What programs would you recommend?

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