Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma has started talking a little about what gamers will find when The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D hits the Nintendo 3DS this coming spring. This all comes from a recent interview with Famitsu as translated by Nintendo Everything.

Before we get into the core changes of the game, there was one quick line from Aonuma about Majora’s Mask 3D and the New 3DS systems. Apparently it will be a little different on that new platform as well, though all Aonuma would say was “please wait for the opportunity to discuss how playing on the New 3DS differs at a later date.” My money is on the camera turning with the new second nub, though that’s just a guess.

As for the changes all gamers will see with Majora’s Mask 3D, the core seems to come as Aonuma assumes that gamers less familiar with Ocarina of Time will be playing this port. The original Majora‘s Mask released on the heels of Ocarina, and Nintendo had the luxury of making a tougher game since gamers were already familiar with the constructs in that version of Zelda. Here, that assumption is out the window.

Specifically speaking, parts that were conventions and weren’t explained at all are changed, and challenges which you realize by repeating many times are made easier to understand.

The conventions of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask that were common sense during that age of gaming, then, have been tweaked. The latter part of that quote makes it seem like we’ll also get hints on tougher challenges.

Apparently Nintendo is also changing a boss battle and adding a second fishing location.

I don’t know if you remember Majora’s Mask or if you ever had the chance to play it, but understand this is certainly the hardest of the 3D Zelda titles. It’s a tough, stressful, dark game (relatively speaking), so seeing tweaks to welcome newer players might not be that bad of an idea.

I just hope the hints can be disabled or aren’t too obnoxious. They were pretty bad in Skyward Sword, and I wound up liking Fi less and less as the game went on.