MajorasMaskI often wonder how publishers can drop the hammer on irresponsible retailers who ruin their business strategies. It's an awkward codependent relationship where if one is broken from the loop, the other will surely suffer.

The latest leak from a retailer has just potentially spoiled Nintendo's future announcement for a Nintendo 3DS Majora's Mask remake. Reported earlier in the day by NintendoLife, shoppers of the UK retailer GAME noticed the game and snapped screenshots before it was quickly pulled from listing.

Of course, this doesn't prove the remake is being developed or will ever be published, but Nintendo has done very little to squash the rumors ever since their Ocarina of Time remake hit shelves. They've even already hinted it was going to happen and taunted fans into action on several occasions.

Hey, Nintendo! Can you hear us now!?

Jumping from the SNES to the PlayStation back in the day, I never played Ocarina of Time until its GameCube release, and I've still never played Majora's Mask. Maybe it's about time to lose my bet with our gaming editor, Joey, and let Nintendo's franchises finally tempt me into getting a 3DS…ugh..

This is just a rumor, so Nintendo has yet to comment.

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