After ten months on the market, the Nintendo Switch only has one streaming app, Hulu, making the portable console pretty awful for streaming media.

Luckily, there’s still a chance Netflix will come to Nintendo’s runaway hit, with the company saying it’s “still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo.”

Netflix’s comment comes after a support account on Twitter said there were no plans to bring the streaming service to the console. The comment, naturally, caused a temporary uproar among Nintendo Switch owners, causing Netflix to clarify its comments.

Unfortunately, Netflix didn’t indicate when an app for the Nintendo Switch would be available. A spokesperson told Polygon it doesn’t have “definitive plans to share at this time,” which is hugely disappointing for consumers, especially this long after the Switch’s launch.

As of now, the Nintendo Switch is missing services like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and the myriad of live TV services currently available. Hulu offers a bit of respite, but it’s very frustrating that the Switch doesn’t offer other options.

The language of Netflix’s response also suggests we won’t see a release anytime soon, which is a shame, because the Switch is perfectly suited for streaming Stranger Things 2.