Has anyone here even heard of A Boy and His Blob? Well, the four of us reading this story right now, we should be excited. I hope. Majesco’s making another game from the series.

A Boy and His Blob was originally an NES title. Players controlled a boy as he navigated 2D levels. The boy carried candy in his backpack, and tossing different types out would result in his blob companion changing into different forms.

Need a ladder? Toss out some candy.

WayForward and Majesco got together to remake the game for the Wii in 2000. That’s where all the screenshots you see above come from. It’s the same basic game, super charming and genuinely fun.

Majesco has announced that they’re making another game in the series, along with a new IP called Glue. The titles will be all digital, as revealed by its recent financial report, and will release for both new-gen consoles and possibly the PC in six months.

Majesco now only has five staff members, so we’ll see how this goes.