Mailbox access is hard to come by right now. The app, which we talked about last month, went live in the iOS App Store today, and reservations are increasing at an insane clip. The company says the reservation system is to ease server congestion—so your patience will ensure a smooth experience later on. That's a good thing!

Created by the team that brought you to-do app Orchestra, Mailbox is an all new take on email driven by a gesture-based system. There are essentially four different gestures, which elicit different behaviors from within Mailbox: swipe right to archive, long swipe right to delete, swipe left to remind yourself to come back to the email later, and long swipe left to assign a label to an email. It's dead simple, and makes your more productive on the go.

Demand is quite high right now, so if you want to try an all new email experience, you better download the app now so you get a spot. If the launch goes smooth without first-day jitters, the line should move fairly quickly (we hope!).