mailbox ipad app

If you were worried that Mailbox would go the way of the buffalo after being acquired by Dropbox for a reported $100 million in March, you can finally put those fears to rest. The app that attracted a million users almost overnight when it first launched for the iPhone made the leap to iPad this morning, and founder Gentry Underwood says Android is next for the email-reading app.

Mailbox on the iPad is basically the same thing as Mailbox on the iPhone, but with the addition of a side-bar so you can read one email while keeping an eye on your inbox. The key to the app's success has always been its swipe-based gesture control, and that's not changing anytime soon. A quick swipe to the right archives an email while a longer swipe deletes it completely. Swipe lightly to the left to "snooze" an email for later or use a longer swipe to the left to send the email into folders titled "to read," "to buy," or "to watch."

Mailbox's move to the iPad is great news, but the real story may be the company's plans to launch an Android app, and challenge Gmail on its own territory. When you think about it, Mailbox was almost designed with Android's notification system in mind, which lets you control each new notification without opening the entire app. We hope we'll be able to handle each new email as it arrives without ever launching the actual Android Mailbox app.

"There's always this constant tension between, 'This is great,' and 'Oh, there's so much more we want to do'," Underwood told GigaOm.

Redesigning Mailbox for the iPad was probably a walk in the park compared to entirely rewriting the app for Android, and Underwood acknowledges that his work is far from finished.