You longer have to wait in line just to access your own email. Along with a recent update that introduced smarter snoozing, the app that makes achieving Inbox Zero really easy is now available to everyone—no reservations required. Finally.

When Mailbox initially launched in February, the company implemented a reservation system so traffic didn't take the service offline. The company's CEO told us shortly after the app was made available to the first wave of users that reservations saved the app from buckling under traffic—so there was a method to the madness. Perhaps this is a result of Dropbox's acquisition of the small startup.

Mailbox said it took ten weeks of around the clock work to eliminate the reservation system. Better late than never. The service now delivers over 100 million messages per day, highlighting just how much usage and interest there is in the app. Mailbox still only supports Gmail, but other platforms are coming soon, the company said.