Yeah, friends. It’s completely true. There’s a new mobile game out this past week on both iOS and Android from The Pokémon Company. It’s called Magikarp Jump, and it’s all about training your Magikarp to jump higher than any other, work your way through leagues and bring glory back to the town.

Your Magikarp in this game? It can die! I don’t mean like pass out only to be revived by the Pokémon Center, either. I mean, straight up die.

The thing can be grabbed in the air by a crazed Pidgeotto. It can work too hard and die from exhaustion. Your majestic Magikarp can even die from a suicidal Voltorb met in a random encounter.

Once the fish is pushing up daisies, the game will offer you a score sheet, telling you how many league battles you won, how big your Magikarp got and what its final jumping power was at its time of death.

As far as I can tell, this is the very first time a Pokémon owned by a player has actually died on them in the game. And it happens a lot in this one. I’ve lost a few Magikarp to the wilds already, and it’s only been a couple of days since I started.

RIP Magikarp.