Ever complained about how useless of a Pokémon Magikarp is? Well, time to quit complainin’ and get to trainin’!

Sort of…

The Pokémon Company released a free mobile title this week specifically for the Pokémon that’s essentially the first stop on the way to a glorious Gyrados. Magikarp Jump is now a mobile game that exists on iOS and Android. Seriously, right here:

They released a trailer for the title, too. Here it is.

Right, so you’ll spend your time tapping away on food in Magikarp’s pond (I assume it’s a pond?), training up with random exercises, jump-battling your way through eight leagues, collecting unique Magikarp patterns and doing lots more.

For a free game with in-app purchases and some minor timers walling off constant play, it’s pretty good. It’s absolutely funny and worth the time it takes to download and play. I might even like it more than what Pokémon GO turned out to be.

Yeah, I said it!

This release comes right on the heels of the English arm of The Pokémon Company dubbing the music video all about how totally pathetic and useless Magikarp is. That’s glorious, too, if you haven’t seen it yet.