Apple unveiled the most recent Magic Mouse 2 last October, but the company could be gearing up for yet another upgrade. A newly published patent suggests Cupertino may be planning to release a version of its mouse with Force Touch support.

The patent for a “force sensing mouse” was published on Tuesday, but it was filed way back in February 2013. The document suggests putting force sensors inside the mouse so it can tell how much pressure you’re placing on it and react accordingly. The design would also include a haptic engine that provides feedback, simulating the experience of actually pressing a button.

Apple already offers Force Touch in its Magic Trackpad 2, some MacBook models, the Apple Watch and new iPhones. Bringing the technology to its Magic Mouse series seems like an obvious option. It could also give the company a chance to relocate the awkward Lightning port placement on the Magic Mouse 2.

Remember, this is just a patent and there’s no guarantee Apple will ever release the product described here. But in this case, we’d be surprised if a Force Touch Magic Mouse wasn’t already on the way.