The latest OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan beta 3 release, which was published to developers on Wednesday, suggests that Apple is gearing to launch a few new peripherals for Macs, including a new Magic Mouse, a new trackpad and a new keyboard.

Consomac recently dug through the code in the beta 3 release of OS X 10.11.1 and discovered references specifically to the Magic Trackpad 2, the Magic Mouse 2 and the Magic Keyboard. Rumors of a new Magic Mouse have been circulating for months now, and a recent FCC filing pointed to the Magic Mouse 2 and a new keyboard, so it seems likely the refresh is coming soon. Apple might also take the opportunity to build in Force Touch functions, which are present in the MacBook and the most recent MacBook Pro trackpads, into the new mouse and trackpads.

Apple hasn't confirmed any intentions to release these products, so we don't have any clue when they might launch, how much they'll cost or what sort of features they'll deliver. But it's looking more and more likely that we won't need to wait very long.