It appears that Nokia has yet another color option for the Lumia 920 on deck, but they aren't telling anyone about it quite yet.

Nokia has previously announced that the Lumia 920 will come in black, white, yellow, red, cyan and grey, but thanks to a new promotional video from the company, it appears that a magenta hue is also on deck.

Magenta 920 promo video image

The phone shows up around one minute and five seconds into the video, and there is no mention made of the color, but the Lumia 920 is being discussed, and the phone in the gentleman's hand definitely has all of the hallmarks of the device.

Maybe it's a prototype, or maybe it's a hint of things to come, but either way we know it does exist in some form. If you're a fan of magenta, you may want to hold out on the Lumia 920 for just a bit.

[vis WPCentral]