Mafia III, in case you’ve missed the relatively quiet chatter that’s surrounded the third entry in this franchise, takes place in a city called New Bordeaux, developer Hanger 13’s take on New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Bordeaux has the potential to flex a lot in the way of personality. The time period, set in 1968, also suggests a lot of national emotion and tension.

The trailer features a blend of concept art, gameplay and developers talking as they discuss the nature of New Bordeaux. There’s a lot of promising stuff in there, including a few cliches about how this city is like a character in and of itself, but the general tone surrounding the locale of Mafia III is interesting.

I liked Mafia II. The actual location in that game, although open world, felt very much tacked on. It was a means to an end rather than an exciting piece of game design. I’m hoping Mafia III‘s city is as enthralling as these devs say it will be.

The game will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on October 7, 2016.