On Friday of last week, Hanger 13 and 2K Games released Mafia III on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC gamers were upset to find that the title was capped at 30fps, and 2K Games immediately acknowledged the issue and went to work on a patch to let the game run at 60fps or without a cap, if the rig in question could handle that.

The patch went live over the weekend, and it’s now available for download. I’m clipping along at just shy of 60fps with settings on max on my PC, and it feels so much better than the 30fps we had last Friday.

Users can hop into the game’s settings menu and select 30fps, 60fps or unlimited.

I wrote about the need for a frame rate standard on PC last Friday in light of this news. You can read my full editorial here, but the gist is that I believe that PC gamers have made their voices loud and clear on the issue. 60fps is the absolute minimum acceptable frame rate for this crowd, and developers and publishers need to adopt that standard too.

Mafia III‘s fun, by the way. Expect our review in the coming days. I’ll note, though, that it’s started getting a touch repetitive with around seven hours played.