Madden Super Bowl

So how about the sports? I like to watch the big game in the big sports, don't you? The points are scored, teams win, and half of the crowd walks away happy… or sad.

The tradition of using the annualized Madden game – this year being Madden NFL 16 – has continued, and it cracked the numbers and predicted the Super Bowl victor once again, and it looks like the Carolina Panthers will be walking away the victor this year over the Denver Broncos with a 24-20 victory.

No fairy tale ending for Peyton Manning this year… as the salt piles high on this New England Patriots fan.

The series sports an impressive 9-3 record of predicting the winner of the last 12 Super Bowls, even going so far as to predict the exact score and game winning touchdown catch in last year's simulation.

This year, Quarterback Cam Newton and the Panthers build up a 17-0 lead, but Peyton Manning romps down the field for two quarters with one of his classic comebacks. However, it is not enough, and Newton rushes in a final touchdown on the game's closing play against the league's top defense.

The last time Peyton Manning starred in a Super Bowl was two years ago, and the simulation predicted he would lose to the Seahawks. However, the reality turned out to be far worse when they crushed him 43-8.