As is the case with every new edition of MaddenMadden NFL 25 will feature a completely restructured element of gameplay. This time around, EA Sports has rebuilt the ball carrying mechanics from the ground up. They're calling this new set of gameplay features "Run Free."

Dig into it by watching the trailer above.

EA Sports dives much deeper into the Run Free mechanic on their official blog. You can head there to read up on a lot more in the way of specifics, but here's a sampling that sounds solid for fans of the Madden franchise:

Stumble Recovery

A new mechanic that's been introduced this year is the stumble recovery, which provides a small window during the stumble animation where you can pull down on the right stick and regain your balance. If you miss the window or are afraid of getting crushed by a defender, you can also flick the right stick forward to dive for extra yardage. Just like real NFL backs, you have to know when to try and regain balance, or simply get as many yards without putting yourself at risk.

We'll have more on Madden NFL 25 as it comes. This year's edition is set to hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 28th, 2013. As previously reported, it will not release for the Wii U.