If you follow sports at all, you know that the NFL has become a powder keg over the last few months. After the playoff intensity quieted down, the NFL Players Association and league owners have entered a lockout. The discrepancy is over the adoption of a new collective bargaining agreement, which means more money for owners and less for players. It's much, much more convoluted than that; but, seeing as this is a technology blog, we'll keep it simple.

Whether or not the 2011-12 NFL season will actually happen has been thrown into jeopardy. Fans may see the full season, a reduced season, a reduced playoff run, replacement players or absolutely no action at all. Enter Madden NFL 12 for all of your football needs. EA Sports has officially made it public that Madden NFL 12 will be coming next year, despite the potential halt of the NFL calendar.

Peter Moore, charismatic head of EA Sports delivers the news:

We'll be shipping this year, regardless of what the labor issues are, whether they're resolved or not…Madden 12 will be shipping on August 30, 2011, regardless of what happens with the league itself.

With that, any uncertainty is washed away. Regardless of the action within the business that is the NFL, EA Sports will put out its consistently successful football franchise; one that's fallen under scrutiny of being a monopoly in a recent class action law suit.

It stands to reason that a full lockout may not be too bad for EA. While fans may be frustrated with the absence of games to watch, Madden 12 may be an alternative that fills the void. The franchise is always successful, but a lockout may actually work to fan the flames.

That, or fans will be so angry that they avoid anything and everything relating to the NFL. Time will tell.

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