Madden 13 - Career Devices

During EA's E3 press briefing today, the company announced its all new Infinity Engine, along with their Connected Careers Mode.

The new Infinity Engine looks and sounds pretty rad. The briefing covered their claim that no two plays will look the same, and that this is the end of pre-determined outcomes. What's that mean? Well, remember in previous Madden games when the seconds you get wrapped up, you know you're toast? Not anymore. The gameplay continues until you are truly down, allowing you to strive for extra yardage and even break the tackle. If this plays as good as it sounds, it could be a major leap forward for the franchise.

EA also touched upon the physics behind Madden 13. This time around, attributes a a major deal. Smaller players will have a tough time breaking away, and bigger players will be noticeably less agile. Not only that, but player interactions have been completely revamped as well. If you're on a run and your arm gets nudged, it can essentially effect your balance. Things like that will make this game achieve an unheard of sense of realism.

Next up was Madden 13's Connected Careers Mode. This combines your Franchise, Online Franchise, and Superstar modes into an all in one experience. The new game mode will also feature real life social integration, and an implemented fake social steam and story engine. You'll see constructed Tweets by real reporters like Skip Bayless on your home page with Tweets that pertain to your career.

Madden 13 looks like it could be a solid improvement over last year's title. We haven't seen real progression out of this franchise in a few years, so it's be refreshing if EA can wow us on August 28th.

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