Mad Max

Because mini-fridges and figurines are not enough, Warner Bros. is upping the useless swag we find in collector’s editions with a license plate in the upcoming Mad Max game. The game’s recently announced Post-Apocalypse Edition will come with a mini license plate. No, it is not one you can actually use on your car. That would be a little too much.

Don’t tempt them, though!

All told, this is a very reasonable collector’s edition with Warner Bros. learning to show a little restraint in the face of grappling hook replicas and whatever other future dumpster lining and thrift shop stock you can find. Along with the license plate, you’ll be able to score a steelbook case, an artbook, and, best of all, a blu-ray copy of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Yes, an object in a collector’s edition that has tangible value and repeated use! A movie! I mean, go figure, right?

No pricing has been announced just yet, but I doubt it will ask for the $200 other recent packages have asked for. Mad Max will be released on Sept. 1 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This date puts it in direct competition with Metal Gear Solid V. Which will you be playing?