What you see above is a trailer that includes three different approaches to the same scenario in Avalanche Studio’s upcoming Mad Max.

We’ve seen these videos before, right? You watch a clip, it comes to a choice, you make it by clicking the box and are escorted away to another video. Not so in this case! The more than seven minute long clip actually offers all three selections in one video, so all you’ll do when you click is jump forward in time. Or backwards, if you want to watch another clip.

I actually think that’s a great approach to this whole interactive YouTube video thing.

As for the trailer itself? There’s all sorts of driving, takedowns, grappling hooks and explosions regardless of which path you choose. This is a super vertical slice of the open world that’s set to be Mad Max, so it’s hard to judge the game based on a single clip like this.

If Avalanche Studios wanted to impress upon gamers the action and violence set to go down in Mad Max, this’ll do it.

Mad Max is set to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on September 1, 2015.

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