The Mad Max game from Avalanche Studios and WB looks like it will either be incredible or a complete miss. Hot on the heels of what was surprisingly one of the best films of the year, Avalanche now has the task of keeping up the momentum with this post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Will it? I’m not sure. The developer’s track record features Just Cause 2, but that’s a game that is so popular because of it’s crazy physics and freedom to go absolutely nuts. Will Mad Max be as fun as Just Cause 2 when it comes to traversal?

The new trailer you see above features some of the strongholds you’ll visit and characters you’ll meet. Here’s how the press release describes the action.

Max visits some of the game’s diverse strongholds and encounters a number of intriguing characters, including Jeet, Gutgash, Pink Eye and Deep Friah. In a world where Max faces both his internal and external enemies, these strongholds hold the pieces essential to the puzzle he tries to solve as he prepares to take on merciless Wasteland tyrant, Scrotus.

Yep, there’s a guy named Scrotus. Why not?

Mad Max is set to release on Sept. 1, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. We’ll have more on the game as it comes, so stay tuned.

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