Mad Max isn’t based on the new movie, Mad Max: Fury Road even a bit. They’re separate projects. Despite that, they start out very similarly… Our protagonist, Max Rockatansky, is chased down by a gang of War Boys before being caught and beaten, his car taken away. Instead of being captured, though, he’s left for dead. Big mistake.

Max meets up with the mechanic Chumbucket who wants to build him a new car, called the Magnum Opus, the car we’ll spend the game customizing in the quest to take revenge on the warlord Scrotus. Yes, Scrotus. So many of these games try to put us in one moral quandary after another, but with Max there’s no question, just one goal: survive at all costs.

If I wasn’t already hyped enough for the title just on it being a Mad Max game, Fury Road has my excitement through the roof. Let’s be clear, though: this is not Fury Road. Miller’s newest addition to his series was a better movie than anyone would’ve guessed ahead of release, and the game is not going to be the same thing. It remains to be seen whether being constantly accompanied by the Peter Lorre-imitating Chumbucket gets old, or if the necessary down moments of an open world game – entirely absent from Mad Max movies – help or hinder the experience.

Mad Max hits September 1 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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