While this year’s slate of summer movies wasn’t completely horrible, it’s clear that nothing came close to the awesomeness of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Want more proof Fury Road was a masterpiece? A new compilation of footage has been released that shows what it was like on set during filming, and it’s absolutely bonkers. Seriously, it’s a testament to the movie’s quality when a behind-the-scenes video is just as riveting as the actual film.

Although a lot of CGI was used in the final product, you’ll be amazed by how many of the shots were achieved using practical effects. From the War Boys swinging on the pendulums to the Doof Warrior playing the flame-throwing guitar, director George Miller created something truly special.

Even more than a year after the film’s release, Fury Road continues to be one of the best action movies of all time and only gets better the more you watch it.